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 Improving Parent-Teacher Communication using LMS


For professional, personal, and academic growth and development, communication plays an important role in every sector. In our educational field too, seamless communication among stakeholders is significant. For the student’s growth, and to ensure the smooth functioning of a school, interactions between teachers and parents are a must.

To bring the stakeholders together, and share accurate and instant information, using technology is very helpful. LMS is a type of communication software that automates different educational processes and provides flexibility, convenience, accessibility, and transparency to all. Let us discuss the benefits of parent-teacher communication and how LMS helps in enhancing it respectively.

Benefits of parent-teacher communication

  • Effective teaching

Apart from schools, students spend the majority of their time with their parents. Parents know their ward’s behavior, skills, and necessities well. Every teacher tries their best to provide students with an effective learning experience. However, to enhance this process, teachers must stay in touch with parents. Educators can ask the guardians about the learning patterns and lifestyle habits of their wards. Necessary changes and additions can be done to the teaching techniques in this regard.

  • Improved coordination 

Effective and smooth communication among teachers and parents leads to improved coordination. Both parties can connect from time to time, and discuss well to bring out the best in the students. Parents and educators can collaborate to create a constructive environment for the learners at home and school respectively.

  • To ensure the growth and development of learners

Effective communication allows teachers to keep parents updated on how their ward is performing in the class, what is the current learning status and what more needs to be done for improvement. Parents can also inform teachers about the self-study routine of their wards and what more they expect from the educational institution. This type of alignment among the stakeholders ensures the overall development of the learners.

  • Better problem solving

Teachers can directly contact parents whenever they face any difficulty or problem from the students ‘ side. For example, if any learner is indisciplined or not meeting academic expectations, educators can reach out to the parents. Together they can find measures for improvement and betterment. This improves problem-solving skills and also makes students accountable throughout.

How LMS improves parent-teacher communication

1.Making students more regular 

A learning management system helps teachers to automate the attendance process. Just with a few clicks and taps on the system, teachers can mark present or absent details of the learners. Automatic reminders are sent to the parents when their ward is absent. This keeps parents updated throughout and also prevents any kind of mischief from students. The stakeholders can get or access digital attendance reports. This not only improves communication among teachers and parents but also makes learners more regular and punctual for the classes.

2. Better feedback exchange

The school management system improves feedback exchange among the stakeholders. For effective teaching and learning, teachers and parents need to stay in touch. Attending physician meetings with teachers becomes challenging for many parents due to time constraints, and busy schedules. To overcome this problem, technology is very beneficial. By using LMS, parents can track their ward’s academic status anytime from anywhere. Teachers can send remarks and digital report cards to the parents. Parents can also send their views, opinions, and doubts and get them answered instantly.

3. Better school management

With the use of software for school management, teachers, and parents can stay connected in a loop. As the stakeholders stay connected throughout, school management becomes easy and hassle-free. Accurate information about students can be sent to the parents. This ensures that learners stay accountable, disciplined, and academically active.

4. Improved flexibility and convenience

In the digital era we are living in, all professional sectors have evolved a lot. The same needs to be done for our educational system too. A learning management system offers better flexibility and convenience to parents, teachers, and students respectively. From anywhere at any time, parents can have real-time interactions with educators. Parents can get all the information about school practices, events, and other administrative and academic activities digitally. Furthermore, such software helps teachers to provide audio-visual tools like video lectures, educational videos, modules, demonstrations, picture cards, and infographics, for enhancing the learning experience of students.


For ensuring students’ academic, social, and personal growth, parent-teacher communication is very important. By reading the above-mentioned information we can make out how LMS promotes real-time interactions among the stakeholders. The improved communication between teachers and pensureensures the smooth functioning and success of educational institutions.

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