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Does My Lawn Need to Be Aerated?


A lawn care service may suggest aeration as part of an overall lawn maintenance plan. Aeration makes it easier for lawns to absorb nutrients and moisture, including those provided in lawn fertilizer. Aeration involves poking small holes in the lawn. Here is why your lawn needs to be aerated: 

1. Increases Oxygen Flow 

It’s likely time for lawn aeration if you’ve noticed your lawn looks dry and worn out, even after lawn fertilizer services. Lawn aeration increases oxygen flow to the roots of the lawn. This helps lawns retain moisture better throughout the growing season while limiting runoff or leaching away main nutrients. 

Additionally, lawn aeration reduces soil compaction and allows water to penetrate deeper into the soil, making it more accessible to the grassroots. It also creates a better environment for improved root development in lawns, helping lawns flourish and stay healthy all season long.

2. Boosts Seed Germination 

Lawn aeration helps create more breathable and nutrient-rich soil with its spike holes. The holes allow lawn fertilizers to penetrate deeper into the root system. This makes lawn fertilizer services far more effective in achieving the desired results. Also, reduced ground compaction makes the lawn easy to seed and water while promoting strong root growth. As a result, lawn seed germination is improved, allowing for better long-term success with lawn care.

3. Helps Control Thatch 

Aeration helps prevent thatch buildup, which can block essential nutrients from reaching the roots of your lawn. Thatch buildup can result in patchy, weak grass. While mowing more frequently and dethatching are important lawn maintenance practices, lawn aeration is just as necessary in helping to keep your lawn healthy. Investing in a professional lawn aeration service helps you get the best results and the most out of your lawn care routine.

4. Stimulates Root Growth

Before fertilizing and seeding, you need to aerate your lawn. This is because it allows the seeds and granules to bind to and enter the soil better. Additionally, aeration gives your lawn’s roots more space to spread out and flourish.

When paired with lawn fertilization services, this beneficial lawn care process can quickly break up hardened soil particles and create an environment ideal for optimal lawn growth. Aerating your lawn is key to providing a green, lush lawn. 

5. Enhances Water Absorption

Aeration works by removing small plugs of soil from the lawn, allowing fertilizer and water to penetrate more deeply and easily into the roots of the grass. The result is vastly improved water absorption, which helps maintain your lawn’s lushness and health. Aeration should be a part of a lawn fertilizer package for maximum effect. Choosing to skip it ultimately limits the effects of fertilizer and its longevity. Investing in regular lawn aeration services helps your lawn stay vibrant and healthy season after season.

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Lawn aeration is an important part of lawn care service, helping lawns stay healthy and green. Regular lawn aeration services improve overall lawn health, enhance water absorption, boost seed germination, stimulate root growth, and control thatch. Contact your local lawn care service to learn more about lawn aeration and how it can benefit your lawn. The result is a denser lawn with thicker grass that is less vulnerable to drought stress or other environmental conditions.

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