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7 Elements of an Eye-catching Trade Show Display


Attracting attention at a trade show is something every business wants to accomplish. With so many companies vying for attention, it can be challenging to stand out. Utilize the necessary resources and expertise to make impressive custom trade show displays to get ahead and stand out. Whether you’re a new business or an established one, here are ten elements of eye-catching trade show displays that can help your company get the attention it deserves:

Use Graphics

Trade show displays tend to be very busy, so you need to be able to grab people’s attention. One way to do this is to use eye-catching graphics and text on your display. An eye-catching trade exhibit may utilize an image of a new product placed behind glass, along with your business name. Graphics are also great for highlighting certain parts of your display, such as the name of a new product or service.

Use a Raised Platform

A raised platform or platform desk makes it easy for customers to see your products. These platforms are designed to hold stand-up banners, videos, and even people. Raised platforms are one of the most eye-catching trade show display ideas, allowing you to help your business stand out.

Use Videos

You can use video displays to show a product in action or review the benefits of a product or service. Videos are also great for reviews and testimonials and for creating a fun booth atmosphere. You can use a slow-motion effect on the video to make your display fun and appealing.

Use Handheld Signs

Hands-free displays are also great for use at trade shows. You can attach these signs or banners to a stand, hang them from the ceiling, and display them across a walkway. They can quickly get your name around the show without having to move much. Handheld signs are more flexible than traditional banners and can work well in any setting.

Use a Clear Theme

Have a trade show display that uses a solid and identifiable theme. A clear theme may help your business stand out to customers and make the display more easily understandable. A suitable theme can also appeal to the right customers and help you target your audience more effectively.

Use Appropriate Lighting

Place your display in the best spot with great lighting. Consider putting it at eye level for customers to see and easily read information about your business. Use appropriate lighting so that customers can easily view your products.

Use a Strong Silhouette

A strong silhouette is great for making a solid impression on customers. There are many ways to create a strong silhouette for your display, such as using black or white. You can also use bold colors and images to help the display stand out further.

Use Custom Trade Show Displays for Your Business 

Custom trade show displays are one of the best ways to create an eye-catching presence at your next trade show. These displays are one of the best tools for getting the attention of potential customers. Customize your business’s trade show display today.

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