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What To Bring on a Winter Campout


Winter campouts are an excellent way for families to get out in nature during the cold weather. When preparing for a winter campout, make sure to pack everything you’ll need to face the elements in a safe and functional way. Here are some camper essentials to consider for your next trip:

1. RV Thermostat

If you plan on camping in your RV, installing a thermostat is a good idea. An RV thermostat gives you more precise control over the indoor temperature. This helps children sleep better at night, keeping them from getting too cold or hot. You can find RV thermostats in a variety of sizes and with a variety of features. Some can simply turn your furnace on or off, while others allow you to set a specific temperature. 

2. Strong RV Awning

Snow and rain can be an issue if you’re camping in the woods during the winter. If your RV doesn’t have a built-in awning, it’s a good idea to bring a sturdy awning to keep your RV protected from precipitation. Make sure your awning is installed properly and fully extended to provide the best protection to you and your RV when bad weather hits.

3. Winter Footwear

When you’re camping in snow-covered areas, you may need or want to hike out in the snow. You’ll want to be prepared with crampons, microspikes, or snowshoes, and water-proof snow boots to increase your traction and keep you dry and warm. Proper winter footwear can help you and your family navigate frozen or snowy landscapes safely. You can also pack ice cleats and ice tool kits for winter camping trips that include more extreme activities like ice climbing or fishing.

4. Cold-Weather Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bags designed for winter camping can keep you warm in temperatures as low as zero degrees Fahrenheit. If you are sleeping in your RV, these sleeping bags are still a good choice in case of an emergency situation. Sleeping bags designed for winter temperatures keep you and your family comfortable during cold nights. 

5. First Aid Kit 

During winter camping, you have a higher risk of injuring yourself. Slipping on the ice or snow can cause cuts and scrapes. Camping in cold environments can also result in more dangerous injuries like frost bite and hypothermia. Be sure to pack a first aid kit that includes bandages, ointments, emergency blankets, hand warmers, and fire starters.

6. Snow Shovel

Clear your camping spot with a snow shovel to keep the underside of your tent dry. Shovel a path from your tent or RV to your vehicle or restroom location. Keep your shovel inside your RV or tent so you are prepared if a storm hits while you’re sleeping. Depending on how much room you’ll have on your trip, pack a full-sized or a mini, emergency shovel. 

Get The Best Camper Essentials Today

Find an outdoor retailer and pick up your camper essentials for your winter campout, today. Keep you and your family safe and comfortable by planning ahead. With the right tools and information, winter campouts can be an easy and fun way to enjoy nature during the cold winter.

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