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What websites are equivalent to MP4moviez?


MP4moviez is a website that offers you the best movies and TV shows. They have a large collection of different content, which makes it easy for you to find what you want. The site also has many features such as navigation paths, posters and more.

List of best site like MP4moviez

Here are some best sites like MP4moviez

MoviePig – A free video site that lets you upload your favorite movies and TV shows. You can also download or stream movies for free on this site, making it an ideal place to store your collection of old school flicks. It has a user-friendly interface that’s easy to use for beginners, so even if you’re new at this stuff (like me), there shouldn’t be too much trouble navigating around these pages. This is also one of the only places where I’ve found some pretty good quality files from my searches; they seem more reliable than regular YouTube downloads anyway (which can sometimes be slow).

1. FMovies

Fmovies is a site where you can watch movies and TV shows online, without having to download them. On this site, you can find all kinds of movies and TV shows, including popular ones like Star Wars: The Force Awakens or The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part. Some of the episodes are available for free while others require your subscription fee (which varies depending on what type of account you have).

If you’re looking for something similar then Fmovies may be right up your alley because it offers some great content without forcing users into paying anything extra just because they want access later down the road as well!

2. HouseMovie

HouseMovie is a free movie streaming site, with a huge collection of movies and TV shows. It’s easy to use and has a user-friendly interface.

It’s fast too!

3. 123Movies

123Movies is another site like MP4moviez that you can use to watch movies online. It has a large collection of movies, so you will have no trouble finding something to watch. You can watch your favorite movie in HD quality or even 720p or 1080p if you want to.

4. Movieflixter

Movieflixter is a good site to watch movies online. They have a good collection of movies, and you can stream them from anywhere in the world. The only problem is that they don’t offer subtitles for foreign films, so if you want to watch something like “12 Years a Slave” or “The Godfather Part III” on Movieflixter then you will have to pay extra money for it.

The other problem with this website is that it tends to be slow moving when loading pages because there are so many users visiting at once; however once everything loads up properly it works well enough (if not better than MP4moviez).


We hope this article has helped you find the best site like MP4moviez. All websites listed above are great, but we recommend HouseMovie because it has a wide range of movies to choose from and they are sure to have what you want!

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